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Recent developments in IT have led to new exciting products & technologies arriving in the market place in rapid succession. Most of these technologies focus on better & faster means of storing, processing sharing & transmitting information. Most technologically oriented societies have realized the truth in the statement...... “ In information lies power “. As more & more technologies evolve, the need has arrived for Integration companies who can bring, install, integrate & implement from this vast range of IT technologies to the end user to enable them to really unleash the potential of IT & become more successful & competitive in the marketplace.

MERU NET SERVICES has been conceived out of this recognition of the enormous potential that exists in this area of business. The strength of this project is based on the association with leading IT Giants of the world & the availability of the rich & high quality expertise of the MERU NET SERVICES family.

Who we are?

MERU NET SERVICES was formed in 2010 with focus on providing state-of-the-art technology solutions around products in association with Global InfoTech majors. Over the six years of its operations, MERU NET SERVICES has been providing Systems Integration, Networking and security solutions to large number of corporate in India. We have provided the best of the breed products, services and solutions to our esteemed clientele, who retain us to help them provide that strategic fit which they find in us. MERU NET SERVICES provides total Networking and network/data security solutions followed by our tie-up with leading networking and security vendor’s With an exclusive trust in providing Networking and security solutions, today we have grown beyond just simple Local Area Network setups, having proven and provided solutions like

- High end of WAN Solutions with Voice/data integration for corporate,
- Effective and high performance backbone solutions to a large corporate LAN spread across a vast and populated campus
- Setting up Intranets and Extranet gateways for customers
- Making Extranets secure and providing a Security strategy for our customers

Having already established itself in India [ Bangalore] as a leading IT networking company to offer one stop solution for information infrastructure and information security related to all aspects of IT integration, MERU NET SERVICES has already made successful forays in other parts of India, as in the field of IT networking and data/network security domain with its distinctive competencies in these areas.

What is Our Vision?

"Customer's total Satisfaction and Value for their money"

Simply states the philosophy, principles, belief and policy of the company.